What is Medical-grade Manuka Honey?


“The New Zealand government and honey producers in that country go to great lengths to protect the quality and name of Manuka honey. However, a standard was needed to attest to the purity and chemical composition of Manuka honey after it leaves New Zealand and ultimately integrated into medical products. To meet that need, LMP established an independently verified standard, identified by the CMH mark, to assure healthcare providers that the Manuka honey in LMP products is of medical-grade quality.”

Tom Buckley, CEO Links Medical Products, Inc.


What is Medical-grade Manuka honey?

Jim Gardner


Manuka honey from New Zealand is becoming so well known that most health food stores and even some supermarkets in the U.S. now regularly stock it. But medical-grade Manuka honey is a considerably different honey than what’s carried at your local store.

Because the use of Manuka honey in wound care is relatively recent, limited information defining medical-grade Manuka honey has been published in the scientific literature. What information is available does not generally provide a comprehensive definition of what constitutes medical-grade honey. For this reason, Links Medical Products established a certification process to assure wound care professionals of the quality they expect for wound dressings.

Medical-grade Manuka honey, as explicitly defined by LMP, has been specially processed and tested. This is done to assure wound care professionals that it has been subjected to careful handling and very specific laboratory tests for chemical composition and purity.

LMP Medical-grade Manuka honey is “Certified Manuka Honey” and all of the company’s wound care dressing products containing Manuka honey carry the CMH® mark to attest to the fact that the honey meets current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards for processing and has been subjected to rigorous testing by an “independent” laboratory. To learn more about Certified Manuka Honey and the CMH standard click here: www.certifiedmanukahoney.com

To learn more about Links Medical-grade Manuka honey dressings just click here: www.linksmedwoundcare.com

If you are a wound care professional and have questions or product suggestions, please feel free to contact LMP at (888) 425-1149.




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